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Best Work Pants for Men

A pair of job-appropriate work pants will be your best friend if you do a lot of manual labor. Synthetic materials, sometimes coated, are used to make these bottoms, which are much tougher and more resistant to exposure than traditional textiles. As a bonus, they’re often equipped with tool-specific pockets or a cut that allows for the use of knee pads. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best work pants for men if this is what you’re looking for. Read about Best Work Pants for Men below.

When it comes to working pants, it may seem like a pair of blue jeans will do. Likewise, a sturdy pair of Levi’s might get you through the day. However, they’re actually not the best option for the job at hand Despite their popularity as a construction worker’s uniform, blue jeans can stain easily, wear out quickly, and aren’t all that resistant to anything — whether its abrasion, exposure to the elements, or otherwise — despite popular belief.

1. 5.11 Taclite Pro Lightweight Performance Pants

The 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro cargo pant is a classic. Multiple pockets and a loose fit allow you to easily carry tools without the added weight of a backpack or the inconvenience of carrying a toolbox around with you at all times

Wearing the Taclite Pro pants will make you feel like a walking GR1 military backpack, thanks to all the large utility pockets and snaps.

In total, the Taclite Pro has eight extra-large pockets, including seat pockets that can be strapped and slashed, and a hip-mounted D-ring. An ultra-lightweight polymer fabric with water- and dirt resistance is combined with a cotton-ripstop fabric for durability.

The Taclite Pro is the most efficient cargo work pant on the list because of all of these factors, as well as its relaxed fit. In addition, there’s an action waistband with knee protection, as well as triple stitching for durability.

It was founded in California by rock climber, Royal Robbins. When he started making pants in 1968, they had a trademarked tactical strap and slash pocket, so it’s only natural that they’d end up making one of the best cargo pants available.

2. Arborwear

This brand was introduced to us by a reader’s comment on the original post of this review. As one would expect from a brand that targets professionals who spend their days climbing trees, these pants are tough and durable. The Original Treeclimbers’ Pants ($75) are the product that launched their brand in the late ’90s and comes in a comfortable Classic Fit.

The 12.5-ounce ringspun cotton canvas is less forgiving without spandex in the weave and has one of the tighter 32-inch waistbands of the test. If you have a waist that fits perfectly into these pants, they will be the most comfortable.

If you’re in the middle of a size range, these pants will be uncomfortable for you. For those of us who are a little smaller, the pants will feel a little loose and will require the use of a belt or suspenders.

There’s a lot of confidence in these pants’ durability. When used and washed, they become more pliable.

Rear patch style pockets and horizontal bag-style hand pockets are pretty standard. If you’re a plus-sized woman with a 32-inch waist, so the front hand pockets are a little tight. You have to exert some effort to get your hands into and out of the pockets, therefore. Once your hands are in the pockets, the pockets are at a good depth and have a comfortable volume. Important point as part of Best Work Pants for Men.

These pants have a tiny utility pocket on the right thigh, which is your biggest gripe with them. Only 3 inches wide, this patch pocket has a half-inch opening. It’s not designed to hold a cell phone in place. This could be the perfect place for an old telephone.


It’s no secret that Patagonia makes some of the best work pants around. Built from Iron Forge Hemp Canvas, the brand’s proprietary and innovative 12.9-oz canvas, these pants feature Fair Trade Certified sewing and are tough as nails (25 percent more durable than traditional duck canvas). Wear these if you care about the origins and materials of your clothes.

The harness is often used by arborists in the trees to hold a chainsaw scrench or a clip knife while their back pockets are covered by the harness. The thigh pocket is located on the outseam’s front side.

There is a straight line of stitching that runs from the outseam to the inseam of the upper thigh and ends at the knee. Darts and pockets for knee pads are absent.


Topo Designs, like Patagonia, is best known for its outdoor gear. But that’s not all they’re good at. Their impressive Work Pants, for example, are just one of their many products. In addition to being tough enough to withstand a workshop, these USA-made bottoms are comfortable, feature reinforcements for extra durability, and have plenty of pockets for all your EDC gear. This outfit is well suited to your work site. One of the Best Work Pants for Men in our list.

5. Wrangler RIGGS Ranger Work Pant

In addition to being durable, the best construction work pants are also inexpensive. As a result, the Wrangler RIGGS Ranger Work Pant checks all of our boxes and does it for less. With a relaxed fit and made from 100% cotton ripstop fabric, these work pants are designed to allow you to move freely and efficiently. Lots of storage space is provided by hammer loop, leather tape measure clip, side, back, and front pockets. It also provides important durability and mobility, thanks to the gusseted crotches. Known for their denim pants, Wrangler’s cotton canvas pants are no exception.

6. Carhartt Double Flex Rigby Double Front Work Pant

As a manufacturer of men’s workwear, Carhartt has built a reputation for producing functional and often stylish clothing. As far as work pants go, the Rugged Flex Rigby is the best option we’ve found so far. The relaxed seat and thigh allow for ease of movement, and the double front allows for the insertion of knee pads into the shins. However, larger men may want to look elsewhere for pants that have more space. So, you don’t look like a ragged mess on the job site, you can get several pairs in the middle of our range.

7. REI Co-Op Trailsmith Pants

For the best deals on men’s outdoor gear, head to REI — and don’t forget about the gear that will help you tackle your home improvement projects this fall. With the Trailsmith Pants, you get a stretchy, durable cotton-polyester blend with extra reinforcement at key stress points. Not to mention that they look great when all you want to do is light the bonfire and crack another beer.

8. Dickies 874 Work Pant

To find the right Dickies, you’ll have to dig a little deeper, as some options are made in the U.S.A. Style, color, and durability combine to make the 874 an excellent choice for office use. It will not fade or wear out over time. Just keep in mind that when they hit, they hit hard, but when they miss, they miss hard. This is especially true when it comes to baseball.

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