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Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100

Mechanical keyboards are fantastic – almost everyone who has tried one is convinced! They’re hard to live without! However, some may consider the cost to be an issue.

The top keyboard makers is always pushing the limits with speed, build material, and function.

This is a natural result of competition, which leads to price increases.

However, don’t fret! We’ve compiled an assortment of the top mechanical keyboards available for less than $100, so you won’t have to spend a fortune. This list is ideal for those seeking great mechanical keyboards with a low budget.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

This Hyper X Alloy FPS is much like the other keyboards it has, with the keys being positioned on surface of a flat metal. Contrary to other models that are heavier it is the only one that Alloy FPS has the thin layer of metal and a base made of plastic that’s integrated with the frame made of steel. It comes with Cherry MX switches of three variations namely. Brown, Red and Blue are available.

Additionally, on the back of the device, there is an USB mini-port which is unsatisfying considering that most electronic devices now have support for micro-USB. Media controls are quite easy to use, and only available with a few options. Fn and F6 keys can be used to manage playback of media. The volume controls range from F9 through F11. Additionally, F12 can be used to enter game mode. Also, it disables Windows keys.

Like similar to Hyper X keyboards, FPS pro is also equipped with the red LED lighting. It’s possible to make use of Fn and Arrow keys to alter the brightness levels as well as the lighting appearance of the keyboards.

What makes this keyboard attractive is the combination of elegant TKL design and a price that is very competitive.

Corsair STRAFE

With the launch of Corsair STRAFE, Corsair edged over their competition Razer as the best gaming keyboard for under $100!

Although it’s one of the most expensive choices on the market It’s extremely feature-rich at the cost.

To begin, you’ll receive an USB pass-through port, as well as the dynamic red LED backlighting which can be fully customized using Corsair CUE software. Corsair CUE software.

Gamers will be delighted by the keycaps with textured edges, which allow you to stay at the right keys in the frantic battles. The STRAFE includes the option of both the FPS as well as an MOBA set of keycaps that are contoured and textured.

Perhaps the best thing is that this keyboard comes equipped with Cherry MX Red, Brown as well as Blue and Brown switches. If you have less or more than you can afford but wish to stay to the Corsair brand then take a look through our selection of Corsair keyboards to choose the one that is right for you.

We have also a review on the STRAFE RGB which is a similar product. If you’re not acquainted with this brand it’s likely that you will soon be. They’re famous for their work in top PC gaming equipment, including its mechanical board.

Razer Ornata Chroma

Razer Ornata Chroma can be described as an amalgamation of a membrane and mechanical keyboard. Although it has membrane switches, the keys offer a significant amount of travel, that makes it distinct from other keyboards with membranes. The designers have modified the frame to include an elongated bump to improve typing experience.

Razer has kept the softness of the dome made of rubber and has successfully integrated it along with tactile feedback. The keycaps that are square reduce wobble significantly, giving an unobtrusive feel similar to a mechanical keyboard. There is however a some resistance due to the rubber dome. The click function makes the switch more rigid than a traditional membrane switch.

It has an attractive Chroma RGB light system. Furthermore, the keys that are mid-profile hover a bit above the base, making it easier to type for a longer time. But, the software can be slow and doesn’t have many customization options that you’d think of from a keyboard program.

Overall the keyboard is designed for people with heavy hands who need speed and precision when gaming or writing. You’ll love the unique code for hotkeys that can be used in many games. With a decent build quality and an affordable price I’d say that it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

Redragon K556 RGB

The Redragon K556 is comfortable in the hand , in terms of build quality. It’s a compact design that takes up a lot of room on desks. K556 makes use of software customization to adjust lighting settings and macros. There are many combinations of lighting you can play with to create various effects. But, the light doesn’t seem excessively bright at any time. Therefore, if you want lighting that is too bright, then K556 could feel as a bit of a letdown.

If you are able to forget about the low luminosity, the K556 has a plenty to give. There’s a very obvious and pleasing clack each when you press a key. It provides you with the classic keyboard feel. The rounded keys are very distinctive. It may take some time for you to become accustomed to the keys, but once you are, you won’t need the keys made of plastic.

Another issue that may be a source of concern is the volume control controls. The keyboard does not have an individual volume button. Adjustments to volume are due to the F2-F4 button and Fn that can be like a little stuttering. However, nothing major can stop users from trying out this keyboard for the price it is at.

SteelSeries Apex 5

Steel Series Apex 5 is made up of mechanical keys that are springy and have a touch-screen membrane underneath. It’s responsive to playing and writing. It allows you to modify each key according to your preferences. You’ll be impressed by how smoothly the single button for multimedia can be used instead of having to put in a an entire set of media keys.

If you’re looking to test an alternative that gives you the most efficient of membrane and mechanical it is the best option. It’s not that you’ll not find anything similar to it but it does get the job completed.

It’s quite simple to attach and remove. Additionally, it is good when playing. It has a smooth surface with a comfortable and comfortable wrist support. It is not made of soft and durable enough to last many years. While manufacturers have tried to imitate those of Cherry MX switches with a tactile bump and clicky sound however, they don’t provide the same feel as conventional mechanical switches.

The program works fairly well. It’s not going to surprise you, however, it allows the user to program each key in a separate way it is a fantastic feature. It also lets you make individual profiles for different games as well as program macros. Like K556 that was mentioned earlier the RGB lighting isn’t too bright and may appear somewhat smudged in brightly lit rooms.

Why Mechanical Keyboards?

Then, why is this list considered to be the most effective for people on a tight budget?

First of all, we’ve tested every single keyboard in this list! In addition, you can check out our reviews and unboxings of each keyboard on GoMK. In the sections for reviews below, we’ve provided links the professional review we’ve written for each keyboard.

The list of keyboards has been tested by experts, but each keyboard comes with amazing and long-running feedback in Amazon, Reddit, and other websites, so you can rest assured that the keyboards you choose are reliable.

It’s not my thing. fan of gaming, but do I still have the ability to utilize this keyboard?

This list focuses on mechanical keyboards priced less than $100, but we’ve made sure to keep the needs of gamers.

This being said the keyboards are fantastic for all users. If you’re looking for a specific feature, such as wireless and waterproof keyboards, or quiet keyboards, we have you covered.

After you’ve seen the most excellent 6 mechanical keyboards which are less than $100 Let’s look at the things that make them fantastic.

Low-cost Mechanical Boards – Awesome Features, Great Quality

If you’re looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard, here’s the good news!

It is still possible to receive a premium keyboard, with the same high-quality switches that you find in the higher-end keyboards that can last for a long time. You’ll enjoy the same type of experience that the higher-end keyboards, so don’t fret about your keyboard’s functionality being compromised.

If you’re not sure of what this all means, take a look at our introduction page. It’s our complete manual for mechanical keyboards that will aid you in understanding the basics of what’s happening.

The downsides are those bells and whistles. Mechanical keyboards that cost less than $100 won’t include the majority of these options, as you’d think of in more expensive models:

Aluminum chassis

Keys to media that are dedicated

Built-in USB hub

The most beautiful backlights

Extensive macro support

Extra programmable keys

If you are willing to live with those features, then you should check out the top mechanical keyboards listed below All of them are less than $100!

The great thing about low-cost keyboards is they’re comfortable and enjoyable to use for everyday tasks like gaming or for general typing. With the majority of people using computers every day, it’s vital to feel at ease with your game or work station especially for a frequent keyboard user like me.

Beyond aesthetics mechanical keyboards are designed intended for convenience, comfort as well as for gamers – speed.

Although $100 might seem expensive compared to the regular keyboards, having a device you can use for typing each day is worth it. If you’re familiar with buying expensive equipment for their computer 100 dollars is considered to be on the low end of budget.

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