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Best Belts for Men

Some men may think that buying a new jacket, a fall suit, or even a pair of aggressively tinted sunglasses is more exciting than shopping for belts. The belt, on the other hand, almost always plays a supporting role in your outfit, while the other items have a lot of energy. Read about Best Belts for men below.

This is precisely the reason why, although it may seem tedious, your belt collection is well worth your time, effort, and money. Supporting belts and supporting actors are essential to any creative masterpiece, as anyone who has accidentally ruined an outfit with the wrong belt or seen the movie Moonlight can attest.

Make belt shopping fun with these tips. First, stop seeing everything in black and white. Consider color, texture, and leopard-print pony hair. As you plan your belt collection, keep in mind not only the dress codes you want to cover but also the style archetypes you’d like to represent.

Learn how to use a belt to keep your pants in place, as well as to change the look of your outfit with a single accessory. Observe how the energy in the room changes when you wear three belts with a white t-shirt and jeans.

Once you realize how important a men’s belt is in terms of style, the prospect of purchasing a new one won’t bore you, but rather excite you. Here are the best belts for men to get you started on your quest for belt enlightenment.

1. Pioneer Belt by Red Wing Heritage

It’s a simple leather belt with a plain brass buckle. To fully appreciate the work that has been done behind the scenes, however, one must dig deep.

From the SB Foot Tannery, this premium full-grain leather was tanned to deliver incredible strength, but it will only get better with time.

When you wear it, you’ll never feel uncomfortable because it’s 1.5″ wide and has slightly rounded edges that have been hand-burnished.

With age, this belt will continue to darken and become more beautiful.

2. Timberland Boot Leather

An interesting belt has arrived. Featuring double-needle stitching for added durability and charm. Each Timberland Boot Leather Belt for men is sure to turn heads. Dark brown or black colors are available for a little more personalization. As a result, black appears to be pure black.

Despite its thinness, the leather is still strong and supple to the touch. The belt’s sticky or gummy edges, on the other hand, are one of the most common complaints. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a perfectionist.

3. Allen-Edmonds Men’s Manistee

For men who wear a quality pair of dress pants every day, Allen Edmonds’ Manistee belt is the best choice. Stylish and functional, the Manistee full grain leather belt is a great addition to your wardrobe. As a dress belt, it is a bit wide, but it is very comfortable to wear all day, especially if you’re in meetings back to back for the majority of your day.

It’s a timeless buckle that will never go out of style, even though the belt’s materials should easily last you a decade. You can easily match any color blazer, trouser, or non-iron dress shirt with these polished silver cufflinks. Only a small selection of colors will be available, as with all full-grain leather goods.

4. Fossil Griffin Belt

You will love wearing this belt with your outfit because it has a bold and rich timeless look. It’s made of 100 percent genuine leather, which is durable and doesn’t wear out easily like other materials. The brushed silver vintage hardware gives it a classic look. Belts like this can be worn with vintage-style suits for a sophisticated look. Because they are eye-catching, save them for formal occasions.

5.  Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Belt

It is an entry-level belt that will go well with most smart pants

This Ralph Lauren belt is a steal at a fraction of the cost of some of our higher-end picks. Even though the lack of loud logos and flashier design features of some designer options doesn’t give you a clue. What a nice leather belt it is! To be safe, we recommend ordering a size larger than you normally would.

6.  Carhartt Anvil Leather

Although it is simple in design but has a lot of worth. Carhartt’s Anvil belt is a great choice for the man who wears belts out quickly. While the full-grain bridle leather itself will not snap, the buckle may. Even though the Anvil belt is a bit hit or miss, most gentlemen have a great experience with it. As it turns out, that’s the truth about the majority of belts these days.

For men who suffer from nickel allergies, the gunmetal buckle looks great. Only one and a half inches in width, it is designed to keep your pants up in any working environment.

 2-Ply Tactical Cobra Belt by Klik Belts

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need a super-durable MIL-SPEC nylon webbed belt, EDC fans will adore this 2-Ply Tactical Cobra Belt from Klik Belts. A 4,000 lb. force-resistant belt is available in four different colors and sizes. Aside from its military-grade fabric, the buckle is what sets this belt apart from others.

A quick-release anodized aluminum buckle is made of stainless steel (no rust) and is considered to be among the strongest and safest in the industry. You may not be looking for a new climate, and that’s fine. 2Ply Tactical Cobra is 1.5′′ wide and comfortable to wear around your waist. The belt can also be easily adjusted.

8. Bulko Genuine Leather Dress Belt

There’s nothing quite like a classic belt with a simple design and a vintage look. A durable and scratch-proof leather, it measures 1.5 inches wide. I like that it has some tendons on the straps, which gives it some character. Bulko Dress Belt is casual but smart, you can wear it with casual or semi-formal outfits alike. It is Belt that never goes out of style.

9. Huckberry

In the opinion of Huckberry, a brand designed for urban men who love adventure and this belt can instantly and effortlessly elevate any outfit. In addition to stylish leather, suede, and webbing belts that look great, they’re also highly functional. Huckberry’s belts can be used as a tourniquet in a life-threatening situation, or to zip-line across great heights.

10. Tom Ford Full-grain Leather Belt

If you’re not used to T bar buckles, this belt’s sleek profile and subtle twist keep this. Full-grain leather, according to Mr. Porter, will only get prettier with age (just like its wearer, right?) which almost justifies the price. You can find a genuinely high-quality and long-lasting investment accessory.

11. The Best Every-Single-Day Brown Belt

For more than a decade, CB Made in Italy has been known for its best-selling semplice belt. A total of 15 suede and leather hides in a variety of sizes allow you to customize your belt to your wardrobe, personal style, and even your belt philosophy. A square brass buckle completes the belt, which pairs well with jeans, chinos, and other flowy trousers.

12.  J. Crew

 J. Crew sources the highest-quality fabrics at affordable prices. They have a large selection of genuine leather belts for men in black, brown, and tan. A variety of buckle styles and colors can be found on J. Crew belts, in addition to the classic belt style.

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